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Five major parks in Noida

Noida is a big metropolitan city of India and a major part of Delhi, NCR. With every passing day Noida's population is increasing so the need for parks is also getting increased. But Unlike other cities Noida is blessed with green cover and is regarded as one of the best Greenest cities in India. Small parks and gardens you will find in most of the sectors in Noida which provide Noida relief from Pollution and chaos. The Noida Hotel is a leading Budget hotels in Noida is here with a list of five major parks in Noida which are located in the length and breadth of Noida and are very well maintained by the Noida Authority.

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary

This is top on our list and one of the best places for nature lovers in Delhi & NCR, best place for bird watching in Delhi, NCR. Situated on the border of Noida and Delhi away from hustle-bustle of city, spread over 4 sq kms, Due to creation of Okhla barrage, Okhla bird Sanctuary wetland was formed and In 1990 UP Govt notified it as sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to more than 190 species of plants and more than 325 species of birds. It offers amazing bird watching experiences for many migratory birds and several endangered birds. The Types of birds here are Bald Eagle, Indian Vulture, White-backed Vulture and many more. Okhla Bird Sanctuary is well connected with road and Metro and mostly crowded on weekends one need to reach here early if you want to spend quality bird watching time.

The Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal

This is 2nd on our list popularly known as Mayawati park situated in Noida sector 95 and around Mahamaya flyover. Park is spread for 36 hectares of land in heart of the city and it as major tourist attraction of Noida and majorly full on weekend, also popular picnic spot in Noida. Park is divided into three parts. The first one is Central plaza, 2nd one is Column plaza and 3rd one is Ambedkar plaza which is decorated by statues of elephants and eminent personalities of India. Park also have a museum dedicated to dalit leaders from Dalit movements in India. Park has a big fountain with a lush green cover.

Botanical Garden of the Indian Republic

Third on our list is Botanical garden situated in Noida Sector 38. Famous for huge green gardens filled with several varieties of plants. Walking distance from Botanical garden metro station and Situated in the middle of the Noida city. Cactus house over is most important to see which is the greenhouse and house to several types of cactus. Botanical garden have free entrance for all and here you can see species of several types of plants.

Meghdootam Park

This is on our list because it is a small and well maintained park in central Noida surrounded by high rise buildings of Central Noida situated in Noida sector 50. Meghdootam Park

has an amphitheatre. This park has a 1.5kms walkway covered with lush green trees and has multiple benches and several facilities for kids and others too. Park is walking distance from The Noida hotel which is a couple friendly hotels in noida and best corporate hotels in noida.

Biodiversity Park

This newly built park is a must visit park in noida for everyone, spread over 75 acres of the land which makes it the biggest park in Noida. It has more than 4000 traditional trees such as neem, mangoes, Jamun, Banyan and many more and also has more than 2000 ornamental trees. This park has separate Cycle tracks for nearly 5kms, water bodies, walkways is also for 5kms, cafes and many more which makes it the most beautiful park in Noida and perfect picnic spot in noida. This park is walking distance from Noida 137 metro.

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