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Top Five Local Markets in Noida

Noida is more like any metro city with increasing population demand for markets and malls both are increasing. Since Noida is home to all types of population, most of the middle class prefer shopping from modern days shopping malls where prices for most of the products are fixed but there are such people also who prefer shopping in old school manner going to different shops and negotiating on prices. Noida is more like Delhi where you can find local markets within 4-5 kms of radius. The Noida hotel which is a Budget hotels in Noida is here with a blog on Top Five Local Markets in Noida. Since we are going through covid19 pandemic, don't forget to purchase your covid safety kits from Safety First India which is an industrial safety company in India.

1) Atta market Sector-18 metro, Noida

Situated in the heart of the Noida City, Atta Market is the most happening and most famous market in Noida. Here you can find showrooms of all major brands as well shops for unbranded one too. Here you will find shops for Big electronics shops, footwear, grocery stores, apparels , book shops and many more. This market also offers a huge range of restaurants here from small roadside street food stalls to big chains of most of the famous restaurants. If you are looking for authentic non-veg restaurants then you can try at Patiala kitchen.

2) Brahmaputra Market, Sector 29 Noida

This market is regarded as paradise for foodie, if you want to explore the best of Brahmaputra markets you need to be here in the evening. Here you can enjoy several types of momos, yummy Moradabadi and Hyderabadi biryani, and also have several options for vegetarian food like Mouthwatering chat and Golgappas,kathi rolls, Idli ,dosa and a lot of sweet options. Apart from food items, this market is famous for stationery shops for students.

3) Sector 50 market

This is modern day in the city centre and you can find daily requirement things, recently Noida authority stalled hawker zone here which added more to this market. Sector 50 market is famous for momos point, veg n non-veg restaurants, parlours, bakery shops, wine shops, sweet shops. This market is easily accessible from two - three major roads of Noida. The Noida hotel which is cheapest hotel in Noida is only a few mins walk from here.

4) Harola market, Sector 5, Noida

If you are looking for wholesale shopping in Noida then harola market is the best market for you in Noida. This market has wholesale furniture shops, grocery shops, stationery kitchen utensil shops (bartan) and many more. This market is in the Old Noida area and this market is famous for wholesale shopping in Noida for the last several years. This market is best for you if you are looking for marriage shopping or some big function shopping then Harola market is the place in Noida for you. The Noida hotel is the best couple friendly hotel in Noida.

5) Bhangel and Barola Market

If you combine these two markets then it is one of the biggest markets in Noida. These two markets are named after their villages, these two markets are situated on both sides of the road one which goes to sector 82 SEZ from Sector 50 in Noida. These markets are popular for household things like marble shops, photo frame shops, hardware shops in Noida, grocery shops and many more. These markets are walking distance from The Noida hotel which is the best hotel for unmarried couples in Noida.

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