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Top Five Shopping Malls in Noida

Noida is one of the biggest and developed cities in India and part of Delhi, NCR region. Noida city is like any other metro city and is well connected with roads and metro trains. Every day new residential complexes are getting added in Noida and with every passing day demand for modern day mall culture is getting increased which changes in lifestyle. People prefer shopping under one roof rather than going to different places for different goods . In This blog we are going to share details about Top Five Malls in Noida. Noida is spread over more than 203 km² and if we include the area of Greater Noida then it is a very huge area. From the starting day sector 18 in Noida is a hub for shopping in Noida, previously it was famous for Local Atta market now it is famous for offices and malls in Noida. Here is our list

1) DLF- Mall of India - Sector 18, Noida

This mall is first on our list because it is situated in the heart of Noida in sector 18, This mall became the most visited mall of Noida from its opening in feb,16. Mall of India is one of the biggest malls of North India and This mall is very properly designed by British firm Benoy. This mall is world class on every parameter from its design to layouts. This mall is 7 floors which has shops for more than 330 brands, 5 shopping zones and more than 70 food outlets. You can find showrooms for most of the Indian and international brands over here and a huge dedicated kids area. You can book your full day tour of the best malls of Noida from Grab a Cab which is a car rental company in Delhi.

2) The Great India Place - Sector 18, Noida (opp mall of India)

This iconic shopping mall of Noida is one of the largest shopping malls in India spread over more than 150 acre and popularly called as GIP mall. Opened in 2007, this mall was a major attraction of sector 18 Noida. When this mall was opened in 2007 this mall was one of its kind and people from neighbouring states and districts used to come here only to see this mall. This mall also shares its boundary with Worlds of Wonder which is a water activity based theme park in Noida. This mall has a dedicated area for kids, food courts, Movie Theater and shopping area. GIP lost its charm with passing days because it was not being properly maintained and not able to transform with changing time.

3) Logix Mall - Sector 32, Noida

This mall is a newly built mall in the centre of Noida city and opened in 2016, This mall is my personal favorite too due to its location and its size. This mall is perfectly suited for people who go to the mall more for actual shopping and less for window shopping, this is the best mall in Noida for quick shopping. This mall is home to several famous rooftop restaurants in Noida Such as Imperfecto and many more. Logix mall also has the largest PVR cinema with 15 screens of IMAX, 4DX, Gold Class and many more, best suited mall for 7X sectors of Noida City.

4) Garden Galleria Mall sector 38 (Next to GIP Mall)

This is one of its kind mall in Noida, initially it was developed as full fledge mall but since GIP and Mall of India malls are its neighbors it didn't succeed much as a shopping mall but if you are foodie and want to try different cuisine under one roof than Garden Galleria is place for you in Noida. This mall has outlets of all major and famous restaurants of India and also has outlets of several famous international restaurants.

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5) The Grand Venice Mall Pari Chowk Greater Noida

Story of this famous shopping mall is very interesting, Its design is inspired from Venice which is the most romantic city of the world in Italy, This mall is also very big in size and area. This mall is inspired from Roman style architecture due to which it has several replicas of famous roman statues. Mall offers Venice style gondola rides to its visitors and a very unique concept mall in Noida and Delhi, NCR.. Story is an iconic mall, when this opened in 2015 it wasn't able to attract visitors at first, but slowly after getting viral on social media this mall became famous and several hit Punjabi songs also filmed here.

This is our list and we are sure this will definitely help you in deciding which mall you want to visit as per your requirements, if you are looking for overnight budget stay in Noida to see these malls than The Noida hotel is such hotel for you which is a best budget hotel in Noida and most couple friendly hotel in Noida. You can book full day mall tours of Noida from Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel agency in Delhi, tour operator in Delhi, Travel agent in Delhi. Since we are going through covid-19 pandemic, don't forget to purchase your covid safety kits from Safety First India which is an industrial safety company in Delhi.


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